Sunday, October 2, 2011

AntiX 11 Core Install How to

A fellow compadre in the AntiX world made a nice how to for installing AntiX 11 i686 core iso on
his Laptop Computer.

He includes a /etc/apt/sources.list also for the uninitiated also.

All credit goes to

Written by Brian Masinick on October 1, 2011

Brians Blog

Just so you know how good a core install looks. Here is my AntiX 8.5 i686 core install from last year with a LXDE Desktop instead and Liqourix Kernel. Nice thing about a core install is you can tweak it to your own personal tastes. Then dd it (copy it byte for byte) if wishing to save config for later.

By the way. The top task bar and bottom task bar auto hide when not in use. I just showed them for the screen shot to show what apps can be had for the taking from Debian Testing.