Saturday, September 27, 2008

Run Ubuntu inside Windows without VMware!

Harry informed me yesterday that he found this super cool "Portable Ubuntu". And what is this thing you'll ask? Yet Another Live-cd???
The answer is NO. Portable Ubuntu can be run INSIDE WINDOWS WITHOUT VMWARE or any other virtualization program!!

I went to SourceForge that hosts the project and immediately downloaded it. It was a 438 MB download, so it did not take much time in ADSL2.

It did not take long to start and it did not reboot the system. The first "screen" i saw was actually this bar at the top of the screen.Don't let appearances mislead you though, it is a full Ubuntu System.

It comes with Firefox 3.0.1, Pidgin, F-Spot, Totem,Abiword & Gnumeric, Rhytmbox and 17 games. I connected to the Internet immediately, WITHOUT CONFIGURATION! And i have static IP and proxy server! It took the configuration straight from windows, without my intervention. It even played youtube videos(although very bumpy and not really viewable,4-5 fps), since it had the flash plug-in preinstalled.

The first things i install on all Linux installations i make, are Vlc & Amarok. So, i opened Synaptic and installed them without any problem. It is similarly easy to install openoffice or anything else you want.
Note: default password is 123456

The only bug i discovered, is that you cannot change the time settings, which means that when you go to some websites(Google for example), you will see everything in Polish..I have already emailed the developer, Claudio César Sánchez Tejeda and i hope he will fix it soon.

All in all, Portable Ubuntu is a must. With it you can show to everyone how easy Linux is, without even rebooting their computer! How cooler and easier can it get??
I believe that it will allow even more people to learn how to use Linux, with no interruption their everyday tasks at home or work. So, don't wait any longer, download it now and show it to your friends!
Thank you for the great work Claudio!


Mike Wagan said...

Hi! What is the default password for the ubuntu root? I can't get it to install Curl.. thanks!

L said...

Default password is 123456

Anonymous said...

hi! how to increase or change portable ubuntu disk size.

Anonymous said...

Hey... i downloaded the file extracted it, but i can't open it....
Can anybody tell me how to open it?
I'd really appreciate it..

L said...

To open it, double click the file run_portable_ubuntu.bat
To increase/change the disk size, you must edit run_portable_ubuntu.bat with notepad or any any other editor.

Anonymous said...

Works great but, how do I get a login screen to appear when I start portable ubuntu.

TaZMAn said...

This will be a lot of fun to work with.
Opens up a whole new world of portable virtual O.S.'s

I expect to see a whole bunch of other distros following suit.

Guess I better get another 8 gig flash drive to carry around. LOL!

Thanks for this article!

Anonymous said...

I like Wubi.

Anonymous said...

Compare with andLinux

L4Linux said...

It seems that YATS finally succeeded. We received our first SPAM today...!

Anonymous said...

it's a great idea!
but unfortunately it doesn't work with my windows vista...
what can I do to make it work?

L4Linux said...

I haven't tried it in Vista(in fact I have only used Vista twice...BAD MEMORIES!!)
Unfortunately the project page only has documentation on how to increase the installation size...

Anonymous said...

what i heard is that it does not work in vista 64,i tried i myself and it didn't work,i just got a message saying it couldn't find the tray icon or something like that,i yet have to try it with my XP 32 though.

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