Wednesday, September 10, 2008

YATS starting to take shape

The blog is starting to take shape since yesterday! It now has:
  • A feed from Tuxmachines, the best news site about Open Source.
  • Links to Linuxforums, Distrowatch and Sourceforge
  • Videos showing Linux desktop effects, so everyone can see, with their own eyes, that Linux has the best GUI by far!
  • Get Firefox & get OpenOffice buttons.
The only thing it needs now is visitors, but i think it will take a while:)


L said...

I had my first 4 visitors, since the creation of the blog!
A big thanks to linuxforums, that made it possible to introduce my blog to the community!!

rokytnji said...

Your sig. in the forum turned me on to your blog. Came here out of curiosity and liked what I saw.