Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Spammers really did it this time...
Every single post in YATS got spammed and unfortunately I am trying to clean up the mess using an EeePC 701(and without a mouse...), since I am not at home. This is very cumbersome at least.
I really hope that Google has noticed such massive spam attacks and finds a way to prevent it in the near future, by which I mean tomorrow:). If a blog that has about 50 visitors/day got 40 spam messages at once, imagine what must have happened to blogs and sites with 100x times traffic!!

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rokytnji said...

You might have to start approving comments to keep this kind of crap off the site Gaz. Sorry there are so many useless harrasing folks out there to deal with. They don't even have the huevos to post their name. Useless Humans. Trying to keep it clean. Hard to do for a Biker.