Monday, December 29, 2008

10.000+ Games for Linux

No1 feature that Linux needs (after marketing)?
-Games of course! Until Prince of Persia, Fallout and Pro Evolution Soccer get ported to Linux, a good solution are Flash games. brings about 10.000 flash games that you can play from your Linux PC! It includes Action games, beat-em up, Fantasy, Flying, Racing, Shoot-em Up and many many more.
There are more sites with flash games, but I didn't find any which such a high amount. Googling for "flash games", will show more sites like this.
There are also Massive multi player browser games like:

The following are Role Playing Games of supreme quality and sense of humor. Even if you have a dozen RPGs in Windows, don't miss them, you 'll Laugh Out Loud(LOL) every time you play them!

So next time someone is hesitant to try Linux because he/she wants to play games, then Flash & browser games are the answer!


PerlCoder said...

Thanks, I'll book mark this.

I think that strange idea that gamers can't use Linux is nonsense. The worst thing about it is that even some regular Linux users believe this!

I don't know about all the distros, but there are hundreds of games just in the standard Debian repos. Lots of options, from board games and puzzles, to FPS and RPGs.

Anonymous said...

I think that strange idea that gamers can't use Linux is nonsense +1


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