Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to fix Movie problems (blinking)

This is a very simple solution/workaround, if you experience blinking during movies playback or movies appearing plain blue.

Compiz some times interferes with OpenGL applications/games (like Blender) and movies, so try disabling it before you play a movie. You can disable it from System->Preferences->Appearance on the Visual Effects tab.

A better way is to install fusion-icon. Fusion-Icon is available in Ubuntu and other distributions' repositories, so it is very easy to install it.
sudo apt-get install fusion-icon
Or you can use Synaptic or Adept package managers.

After it is installed you can find it in Applications->System Tools. When you run it, an icon will appear on the upper system bar on the right side.Select window manager->metacity and the effects are disabled. Select window manager->compiz and it is enabled again.

To have it starting at boot, go to System->Preferences->Sessions click add and in the command field put
fusion-icon --no-start

For those that liked my theme and icons, it is the Wilibex Theme and the Buyf Deuce Icons.


B.Huron said...

Nice tip, clearly explained.Thanks!

L4Linux said...

Good to know that it was useful to someone. A few people asked about this the last few weeks at LinuxForums, so I thought it is a common issue and I might as well post the solution here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, that's just what I needed.