Friday, February 13, 2009

I Give Up. Windows Is Proof That People Are Too Stupid To Use Computers.

That's a really good and funny article. But it strikes bull's eye in my opinion. (Sorry Windows users...Please don't stop visiting YATS!!!)


Brian o vretanos said...

I'm afraid I don't agree with the article, but I'm glad you posted the link, as it's good to see other people's opinions.

I've used Unix/Linux systems all my working life, and Windows only when necessary (since the user experience is so much worse).

However, I think that the article is full of exaggerated claims. Unix/Linux systems fail too, have bugs and can get viruses. The main thing that saves us from hackers is the low market share of Linux among desktop users... Maybe we don't want "the masses" using it ;-)

L4Linux said...

Linux is a lot harder to be infected from viruses, because it discourages you to log-in as administrator where Windows XP do not and what's worse they let you be an administrator WITH NO PASSWORD!!! Any virus can party under such circumstances. Vista's and 7's UAC is a decade behind Linux/Unix user rights in terms of security and usability. Check here and here

Brian o vretanos said...

It certainly seems that a default install of Linux is safer than a default install of Windows, and that where it's a question of security vs. selling you an extra "feature", Microsoft go for the latter.

L4Linux said...

I don't know if you have heard about the notorious Linux virus that comes disguised as an email saying: "This is a Linux virus. Please do the following: 1)delete some of your files, 2)turn off your sound, 3)change your wallpaper and 4)reboot your System"!!!

CoderMan said...

Is it true that the British put Windows on a nuclear submarine?

I wouldn't trust MS Windows to keep my microwave oven running reliably, let alone a nuclear submarine.

Those poor sailors... imagine the perpetual fear... the nightmarish anticipation that one day you are 1000 feet under the water, you press the "surface" button, you get the blue screen of death.

Brian o vretanos said...

First, there was indeed a story about the British Navy putting Windows systems into their nuclear submarines.

Now we learn that they've crashed one of them into a French nuclear submarine.

I'm sure those two facts aren't related ;-)