Friday, April 9, 2010

INXI Yes you can install it in Ubuntu

I showed you how it could be installed in Puppy Linux.

So I decided. Lets see if this works in ubuntu. So I booted up my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop. And proceeded to install.

First I went back to the site

Then proceeded to install page

I used the below command to download the deb package to my /home folder

So I issue the command to download

sudo wget*.deb

Wait till it downloads my deb package to /home. I go to places on my taskbar and select home to open. I look and find my inxi_1.3.2-1_all.deb.

Now it is just double left click on inxi_1.3.2-1_all.deb and let Gdebi do its thing.

After installing. Open Terminal and upgrade inxi first by doing a

sudo inxi -U

After it upgrades to inxi 1.4.8 you can run inxi -F to look at your system specs.

I like having extra commands in terminal that I never had before. It makes my box more functional. Happy Trails, Rok


trash80 said...
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trash80 said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on inxi. I found your post on Hardkap and followed the link here.
We appreciate anyone spreading the word of inxi.

trash80, inxi team.